The Office & The Role

About the Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds Office records land titles, liens, and other documents related to property transactions in Charleston County. The Register of Deeds, an elected official, must assure that all recorded documents comply with the requirements of federal and state recording statutes and are available for public review.

The major functions include Document Archival, Plat Maintenance, Public Records Maintenance, Real Property Transaction Recording


  • File, index and record deeds, mortgages, and miscellaneous property-related records and plats in a variety of formats (including microfilm, digital imaging, hard copy, and computer data storage)
  • Record and index financing statements, state, and federal tax liens
  • Provide copies of deeds and plats for a fee
  • Collect a recording fee based on all documents recorded
  • Offer on-site information and instructions on how to use record books and microfilm
  • Provide certified true copies of any documents on record in the Register of Deeds Office (such as mortgages, powers of attorney, or plats)

Learn more by visiting the website of the Charleston County Register of Deeds Office.