Register of Deeds Office Recorded Documents at an Unprecedented Pace

It is with great pleasure that I run for Register of Deeds.  I could not be more proud of my staff. Managing the historic document surge into statutory compliance has been nothing short of a phenomenal effort.

The retirement of several employees with decades of institutional knowledge and the uncertainty of the COVID -19 protocols impacted the staff’s ability to keep up with the barrage of documents.

My efforts, as Register of Deeds, have always been to adopt best practices and enhance the preservation of the State’s oldest land records. E-recording documents modernizes the process and has been available for neighboring counties for over two decades. Digitization was not a priority until I became Register of Deeds. There is no reason to continue to use an antiquated system.

Historically low interest rates and the pandemic made us shift the office from the conversion process to address the highest increase in real estate transactions Charleston County has ever witnessed. Due to enormous population growth transactions from 2019-2020 rose 30%. From 2020-2021, transactions rose 70%.

In spite of the odds, in 2020 and 2021 we set a record with the highest recordings ever at 98,000 and 120,000, respectively. We increased revenue by 62%. We produced the highest revenue generated by any county in the State despite neighboring counties ability to e-record.

We are on pace for another record year in 2022. The herculean effort of the staff helped us maintain state compliance. There has not been a backlog in months. Our goal is to make this office the gold standard of the State.

Know that I appreciate and revere the opportunity to serve the people of Charleston County as Register of Deeds.