Issues and Priorities

The following is a list of issues and priorities for Michael Miller’s first term as Charleston County’s Register of Deeds.

Michael Miller’s goal is to quickly implement the use of credit and debit cards as another form of payment for services rendered.

The Register of Deeds office dates back to 1780. Michael Miller intends to develop an internship program to help increase the rate at which all records are scanned electronically.

This can save everyone a lot of time and money; but it will take time to implement this properly. Rest assured, this is a priority of Michael Miller.

Most of the staff have not been cross-trained on various roles and services. Michael Miller intends to develop a staff development system that would allow staff to become knowledgeable in other critical areas of the office. This would create a higher functioning and greater output from the office as a whole. 

Other Issues Not Listed

If you have questions about other issues that exist, please feel welcome to get in touch or have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

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