Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few questions (and answers) most frequently asked.

My commitment to serve Charleston began well over 20 years ago. My service started with mentoring youth, and continued by serving on various committees such as the Charleston Youth Leadership Council / West Ashley Revitalization Commission, and also as a Charleston County School Board Trustee for more than 5 years.

Now I’m hoping to serve this community in a different manner, as the next Register of Deeds. In this role, I will continue my advocacy by serving land and home owners, in addition to those who are involved in that process.

My goal is to ensure that the ROD office leads the way in providing the highest quality of service and technology in regards to deeds, plats and any archives needed by the public. I also intend to ensure that residents become aware of, and understand the importance of this office.

I am (and have been) serving the citizens of Charleston County as a School Board Trustee since 2012. In this role, I oversee and manage 83 schools more than 3,000 employees, 54,000 students and a budget of $875,000,000.00. As a board member, I govern and set policy for the educational system of Charleston County, the fourth largest employer in the region.

Also, as a board member I created two additional committees (Strategic Education Committee and Transportation Committee) which helped provide additional oversight and transparency to our school district.

In 2001, I established Michael & Co. LLC, a barbershop and hair salon which serves the greater Charleston community regardless of race, income, education and political affiliation. This has given me the privilege of being interconnected to the issues facing Charleston County residents.

Although this office generally serves real estate agents, adjusters and attorneys it has gone relatively unnoticed by the average home and property owner. So to that end this office has not been properly serving its residents.

  1. Ensure that every home and property owner in the county knows the history and relevance of the Register of Deeds office, and how it relates to their personal and financial well being.
  2. Incorporate staff development techniques and increase the use of electronic payments for services thru credit card and kiosk options.
  3. Since this office doesn’t have electronic documents prior to the 1990s, rectifying this will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the office so that it provides the same or better level of service available in other counties.

Your Questions Not Answered?

If you have questions regarding my position surrounding the campaign and office, feel welcome to get in touch or have a look at the Issues and Priorities.

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